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Beaches Near Panaji

The capital city of Panaji lies in the very heart of North Goa district, where actually all the most happening beaches of Goa reside. If you want to have wild and crazy times on Goan beaches then almost all north Goan beaches must be in your itinerary list. Here you will get to enjoy the best of water sports, best of food and of course the quintessential Goan hippie crowd and rave parties. Here is a brief look at all the famous north Goan beaches located near capital city of Panaji.

List of Famous Beaches Near Panaji

Miramar Beach

Famous Beaches Near Panaji

This is the only beach that is located in Panaji city. Hence if you’re anywhere in Panaji city, then this beach is absolute must visit. However, there is nothing spectacular about this beach. It is a typical beach where you can enjoy good evening walk and mesmerizing sunset view on the beach. There is also fair amount of water sports on this beach coupled with good amount of shacks all across the beach. And of course the crowd is always buzzing on this beach; especially during evenings, when localities of Panaji throng this beach for unwinding themselves.

This beach, however, isn’t very popular among international tourists. Hence you won’t find any rave parties and much of hippies around this beach. But this surely doesn’t reduce the fun quotient of this beach.

Overall, since Miramar Beach is located in the very heart of capital city of Panaji, it is surely worth a visit. And moreover, some of the iconic tourist destinations of Panaji like Church of the Immaculate Conception and Kala Academy are also located very near to this beach.

Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach

This is the second nearest beach to Panaji city. And also one of the most happening beaches of North Goa - particularly for water sports. This beach though is slightly different from other popular north Goan beaches. What makes it different is that here all the action takes place on a raised platform that is almost like a beautiful bridge flowing on top of the beach. This raised platform is indeed the lifeline of Dona Paula, where all the shopping, eating and all other recreation activities take place.

But it is the water sports at Dona Paula Beach that is the main draw for tourists and locals alike. You can enjoy all the popular water sports here: Boating, Para-sailing, Water scooters, Yatching, Swimming, Wind surfing etc. We also highly recommend to capture the view of famous Don Paula statue erected on a hill rock. In case if you don’t know, then this beach got its name from two lovers who lived near this very beach during Portuguese era. Their names were apparently Don and Paula. Their passionate love story apparently met a tragic end after their untimely death. Though many people dispute this story, but this century old love story has surely given this beach a legendary status among tourist and locals.

Don’t miss this beach for sure. Water sports and buzz around this beach will surely pump you up.

Candolim Beach

Candolim beach

Comparatively less crowded and hence more peaceful than rest of North Goan beaches. It is in fact peace and tranquility of Candolim Beach that makes it standout amongst all the typical crowded north goan beaches. This beach, however, does get overcrowded during New Year period when famous 3 day Sunburn festival – Asia’s biggest electronic music festival – is held. Otherwise this beach for the rest of the year is very serene and peaceful. Come here if you want to enjoy sunbathing or simply relax in peaceful and serene ambience.

But this beach also offers decent amount of water sports games and even dolphin trip adventure to visitors.

Below we’ve provided brief information about all that is worth doing here; apart from of course sun bathing and relaxing:
  • Shop at designer stores located near this beach
  • Indulge in water sports including a dolphin trip
  • Calm your mind in many yoga and meditation classes located near this beach
  • As for dinning and eating is concerned, we highly recommend ‘Republic of Noodles – Pan Asian’ restaurant.

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Located very near to Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach is popularly known as ‘queen of beaches’. This ceremonial title is enough to tell you about immense popularity of this beach. In other words, if you want to feel real buzz of being on the most popular beach of Goa, then this is where you have to be. It is the ultimate party beach of Goa. From capital city of Panaji it is just 19 kms away – barely 30 to 40 minutes of drive.

What is good about this beach?
  • Always filled with tourists; especially hippies and foreigners.
  • No dearth of water sports including dolphin trip.
  • Hundreds of shacks on the beach.
  • Good for shopping.

Famous hotels near this beach

We highly recommend these famous hotels located very to this beach:
  • The Sportsman Bar.
  • Pete’s Bar.
  • Cafe La Musica.
  • Kamaki.
  • On The Rocks Restaurant & Bar.

Baga Beach

This beach is actually small extension of Calangute Beach itself. Many years back it was one of the quietest beaches of Goa, but today it is like any other crowded and typical north Goan beach. You’ll find everything on this beach that you’d in the neighboring and immensely popular Calangute Beach. That is water sports, hordes of shacks and a happening crowd all over.

Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach is also the place where famous Mackies Saturday Nite Bazaar is held. This is a legendary night market held every Saturday evening during peak tourist season.

Worth doing things:

  • Water sports
  • Dolphin Trip
  • Get a tattoo for yourself at any of hordes of tattoo studios near this beach.
  • You can also calm your body and mind at loads of yoga & meditation classes near this beach.
Famous restaurants near this beach:

J & A's Little Italy: Immensely popular for its Italian cuisines. Located just across the Baga River.
Fiesta: immensely popular for its European cuisine, especially Italian cuisines.

Christie's Cafe La Musica: Located right on the Baga Beach, this is a chic beachside lounge. It is immensely popular for its Thai food and sea food. Besides, you should also taste some delightful cocktails here.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

Next comes the legendary Anjuna Beach – located just 20 kms away from Panaji city. It is legendary because it is the original hippie heaven of Goa. This was the first beach in entire Goa where all the rave and hippie parties had begun way back in 1960’s and 1970’s, which today has become trademark feature of all the north Goan beaches. Hence Anjuna Beach is not just another beach of Goa.

And of course the immensely famous Anjuna Flea Market is another highlight of this beach. It is held every Wednesday during peak season of October to April on sandy stretches of this beach. This market, in case if you don’t know, is the oldest and the most famous flea market of Goa. It is absolute must visit.

However, this beach isn’t that beautiful. You surely won’t find any scenic beauty here. It has also kind of lost its yesteryear charm. Nonetheless, it is still worth visiting.

Famous restaurants on & near this beach:

Curlies: This famous restaurant is located right on this beach. Today it has a cult following amongst hippies and tourists. Here the amazing food and moreover the ambience along with oozing trance music will surely calm you.

Sinquerim Beach

This is another one of those few laid-back and peaceful beaches of North Goa. For all the backpackers and sunbathers who are desperately seeking peaceful and serene beach in North Goa, then Sinquerim Beach is surely a good option. Here no jarring crowd or irritating street hawkers would disturb you in your relaxation. And of course here too you can any time come out of your relaxation mode and indulge in some water sports adventure.

Overall, this beach’s peace and serene ambience will completely soothe you. In case if you’re tired of all the noise and crowd in the neighboring Calangute and Baga Beach, then this is the beach you’ve to head to.

Dinning recommendation:

The famous Taj Hotel is located at this beach itself. You can dine and wine anytime at this famous luxury hotel. However, its obviously very costly.

Vagator Beach

Almost adjoining Anjuna beach is this small beach. Along with Anjuna, Vagator Beach too had become the hotspot of foreign tourists during 1960’s and 1970’s. Hence here too you’ll find a pretty active hippie life. In fact many years back this beach was used to be visited only by international and foreign hippies. But all that has surely changed today, as even Indian tourists have started visiting this beach in huge numbers.

Nonetheless, this is a pretty laid back beach; since here crowd is always thinner as compared to other North Goan beaches. Making it a perfect beach for sunbathing and relaxation. Though this beach does offer water sports games and there are also decent numbers of shacks here.

Overall, this beach is for all the backpackers who want to escape the maddening crowd of neighboring north goan beaches and relax on a serene peaceful beach.

Famous restaurants & pubs near Vagator Beach:

Hill Top: This famous hotel is literally located on top of a cliff located on this beach itself. Hill Top is an ultimate party destination for all trance aficionados/lovers. Trance aficionados not just from Goa, but also from entire world come here to enjoy its legendry trance parties. Don’t miss especially the Sunday party – which is actually main party of the week.

Primrose Nightclub. Located in the center of Vagator Beach Resort, this is another nightclub that is immensely popular for its trance and rave parties.

Nine Bar: Another immensely popular nightclub that is again very popular for its trance parties.

Other famous North Goan beaches

Keri or Querim Beach, Arambol Beach, Mandrem Beach, and Ashwem Beach. All these beaches are located in the northern tip of North Goa, and hence they are pretty secluded & less crowded. The serenity of these beaches will surely soothe your heart and soul.

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