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Famous Temples In And Around Panaji

Think about Goa, and you’re bound to think about churches. The beautiful Portuguese style churches for which Goa is so immensely famous all across the world. But surprisingly, Goa also has some beautiful temples too. These temples are as beautiful as famous churches of Goa are. Many are in fact iconic tourist destinations. And few of these iconic temples are located in the very heart of Panaji city, while others are located barely few kilometers from it. However, some famous temples are located very far away from Panaji, but they are well connected to Panaji by local mode transportation.

Given below is a brief description of all such famous temples located in and around Panaji city.

Mahalaxmi Temple

Temples in and around Panaji

Located in the very heart of Panaji city, this is unarguably the most sacred and famous temple of Panaji city. In fact goddess Mahalaxmi of this temple is considered as main deity of entire Panaji city. This temple’s mahalaxmi idol is also quite unique for bearing very close resemblance with famous Mahalaxmi idol of Kolhapur city. Architecturally too, this temple is quite beautiful and is also very spacious too.

This temple is absolutely must visit if you’re anywhere in and around Panaji. Its religious status in Panaji is equivalent to famous Siddhivinayak Temple of Mumbai or famous Sai Baba Temple near Ahmednagar city.

Maruti Temple

Temples in and around Panaji

This is another very famous temple located in the very heart of Panaji city, but is not as famous as Mahalaxmi Temple. However, in terms of architecturally beauty and especially scenic surrounding, this Lord Hanuman temple is far more charming than the more famous Mahalaxmi Temple. The fact that it is located on atop of lush green Altinho Hillock is sufficient to tell you about immense scenic beauty surrounding this temple. Besides, there are other two reasons why you must visit this temple.

Firstly, you get a stunning panoramic view atop of the hill and secondly, gorgeous view of this temple under lights, which obviously can be experienced only during late evenings. Despite all the beautiful things that this temple offers, it is not that famous amongst tourists. But this temple obviously and deservedly has to be in your itinerary list.

Shanta Durga Temple

Temples in Panaji

This divinely beautiful temple is located in Kavalem village in Ponda Taluka, some 33 kms away from Panaji city. Built completely in red Kashmiri sand stone and surrounded by immense lush greenery, this temple’s beauty literally has a divine impact on its visitors. Actually no words are enough to describe the true beauty of this temple. It is only when you experience this temple that you’ll come to know how immensely beautiful this temple is.

This temple is dedicated to goddess Shanta Durga – as is evident from name itself. Shanta Durga is widely considered to be reincarnation of Shree Jagdamba.

While you must not miss on visiting this temple, but bear in mind about dressing properly as and when you visit this temple. This is because the temple’s management has made a strict rule for not allowing devotees/tourists who are indecently dressed.

Mangeshi Temple

Temples around Goa

This is another immensely beautiful temple, which is again located in Ponda Taluka in Mangeshi Village. This temple is dedicated to Lord Mangeshi – widely hailed as the reincarnation of Lord Shiva by local Hindus of Goa.

The architectural design of this temple is simply exquisite. Besides, even this temple is surrounded with immense lush greenery, that obviously lends the aura of peace and serenity to this temple. You shouldn’t also not miss to experience the huge water tank located exactly behind the temple, which is considered to be the largest and oldest water tank of Goa.

Sri Devaki Krishna Temple

Temples in and around Panaji

This is indeed a very special temple. As this is the only Lord Krishna temple in entire India where deity of Lord Krishna presides along with deity of Devaki, who was mother of Lord Krishna. Hence this temple is known by the name Sri Devaki Krishna Temple. This fact alone makes this temple immensely sacred not just in Goa, but probably in entire India. Besides, this temple also happens to be one of the oldest temples of Goa.

Although this temple doesn’t boost grand or beautiful architecture, but surrounding lush greenery does enhance the beauty of this temple. This immensely special temple obviously deserves to be visited. It is located in Marcella village in Ponda Taluka, some 17 kms away from capital city of Panaji.

Other famous temples in and around Panaji

Ramnath Temple in Bandivade village (22 kms away from Panaji), Naguesh Temple in Bandode Village (25 kms away from Panaji), Mhalsa Temple in Mardol village (22 kms away from Panaji) and Sri Ananta Temple at Savoi-Verem Village (22 kms away from Panaji).

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