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Reis Magos Church near Panaji

Reis Magos Church is one of the many beautiful churches of Goa. The church’s unique name is derived from small village where it is actually located, i.e. Reis Magos village, located in Bardez town, just few kms away from Panaji city. The church is also strategically located on the banks of famous Mandovi River and hence when one passes through Mandovi River in Panaji city, glimpses of this church sitting across the river is clearly visible. And this view is surely one of the best views that you can get of this church. Not to say that this church is any less beautiful when you actually see it in front. However, this church doesn’t boost any unique or really exceptional architectural features as such.


Although it does bear all the influences of European classical architectural style, overall it appears as a very simple church. Nonetheless, the church does has a distinct aura. This is mainly thanks to the fact that it has been raised on an elevated platform and can be reached only after climbing at least 100 steps. And just like any other famous churches of Goa, even this church is flanked by immense lush greenery, which obviously again enhances the beauty of this church. However, more than anything else it is this church’s overwhelming proximity with Reis Magos Fort that makes this church so extra special.

Reis Magos Fort is the most important historical fort of Goa. Since this was the fort that helped Portuguese empire to keep all their enemies at bay and eventually helped them to rule Goan territories for 4 centuries. And this very church is located at the very base of this fort. Needless to say, visiting this historical fort must definitely be part of your itinerary whenever you do decide to visit Reis Magos Church.

History of Reis Magos Church

And now, about little history of this church. The exact year of commencement of this church’s construction and in which year the church’s construction of church was completed is still not known. But, it is definite that this church was completed during 16th century. And just like all other churches of Goa, even this church was constructed for the purpose of spreading Christianity across Goa. However, due to its extraordinary proximity to all important Reis Magos Fort, the church gained even more prominence among royal emperors of Portuguese Empire. As whenever the kings, queens and governors of Portuguese empire paid a visit or stayed at Reis Magos Fort, they also invariably paid a visit to this church. In fact, two of Goa´s former Portuguese viceroys are actually buried near this church.

And before rounding up about this church, it is very important to mention that this church is one of the three venues in entire Goa where unique feast of Three Wise Men is held annually on 6th January. The Three Wise Men Fest is held to commemorate the visiting of three wise men to Bethlehem for bestowing gifts and blessings to infant Jesus.

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