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Top Religious Spots in Panaji

Panaji, just like any other city and town of India, is deeply engaged in religious practices and ethos. Therefore even this small city is blessed with hordes of beautiful churches, temples and even mosques. Some of which are today not just city’s landmark religious destinations, but are also major tourist attractions.

Given below is brief description of all these sacred addresses in and around Panaji city. While some are definitely located in the very heart of Panaji city, others are located barely few kilometers from Panaji city.

Famous Tourist Places in Panaji

Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception Church

Panaji Religious Spots

This immensely historical and sacred church is located in the very heart of Panaji city. It is also one of the must-see tourist attractions of Panaji city. This sacred church is popularly referred as ‘Panjim Church’, which fairly gives you an idea how much this church means to people of Panaji.

This church is actually dedicated to Mother Mary – mother of Lord Jesus. While this church is definitely sacred and historical, the beautiful view that this church offers is also one of the important features. This humongous church painted completely in white color stands out beautifully in the midst of surrounding lush greenery.

Visit this church during evening for enjoying leisurely walk in peaceful and serene ambience of this church. In fact this church’s peaceful vicinity makes it one of the hotspots in Panaji for enjoying evening and morning walks. Besides, visiting this church during late evening is even better, as you’ll get see stunning view of this church under lights.

It is very important to bring to notice that this church was one of the first churches that Portuguese built when they began ruling Goa.

Se Cathedral Church

Tourist Places Panaji

This is unarguably and undeniably the most sacred church of entire Goa. Located in Old Goa, barely 9 kms in the east of Panaji city. Due to its religious sanctity, this church is obviously considered amongst iconic tourist destinations of Goa. To tell you more about its religious sanctity, Portuguese during their regime had declared this church as Archdiocese of Goa and Daman – i.e. the main church of entire Goa and Daman state. Although Archdiocese of Goa and Daman was abolished immediately after Goa acceded to India in 1962, but that scarcely affected religious sanctity of this church and hence even today is considered as the most important church in entire Goa.

And what makes this church even more special is the fact that it is the largest church in entire Asian continent. Though many dispute this fact and argue that it is not the largest but one of the largest churches of Asia. Irrespective of this disputed fact, Se Cathedral Church’s humongous complex which is inclusive of 6 churches definitely makes it even more special church.

Overall, this church is without a doubt a one of the most important religious destinations of Goa.

Basilica of Bom Jesus Church

Panaji Tourist Spot

Located immensely close to Se Cathedral Church is Basilica of Bom Jesus Church, another immensely sacred church of Goa. Inside this church mortal remains of famous saint Francis Xavier has been kept in a glass ceiling, which is open to public viewing almost all round the year. Saint Francis Xavier is held in high esteem by Catholic Christian community all across the world. And this is why this church is so sacred. Besides, Basilica of Bom Jesus Church is one of the few Minor Basilica churches in entire India. Minor Basilica churches are special type of churches that is dedicated to infant Jesus.

Reis Magos Church

Reis Magos Church in Panaji

This is another one of the highly visited and revered churches of Goa. It is located in Bardez Town, which is barely few kilometers from capital city of Panaji. Although in appearance it is highly unassuming and a very simple church, it however holds lot of significance for the fact that Portuguese authorities revered this church immensely. In fact no less than Portuguese kings and queens used to visit this church. Portuguese royal family’s deep association with this church obviously helped in making it immensely famous and sacred among locals of Goa.

Besides, this church also has another religious significance. This church is only one of the three churches in entire Goa where unique annual feast of Three Wise Men is held. It is held every year on 6th January. This fest is held to commemorate the visiting of three wise men to Bethlehem for bestowing gifts and blessings to infant Jesus. This annual fest is celebrated with immense fervor by entire Bardez town. Hence if you can make to this church on this special occasion, then nothing like it.

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Mahalaxmi Temple

This is unarguably the most sacred temple of Panaji city. Goddess Mahalaxmi presiding inside this temple is widely considered as main deity of Panaji by local Hindus. Besides, this temple boosts a very interesting history which has become part of local folklore now and even architecturally this temple is quite beautiful. Moreover, this temple’s Goddess Mahalaxmi deity bears a very close resemblance with famous Mahalaxmi idol of Kolhapur city. This one unique feature has surely helped in making this temple even more sacred among the locals of Panaji city.

If you’re anywhere near the heart of Panaji and want a visit a temple that is held in high esteem by locals of Panaji, then you should be heading to this temple. Continue reading

Maruti Temple

Religious destinations Goa

Located on famous Altinho hillock, this Lord Hanuman Temple is another one of the most visited temples of Panaji city. Although not as sacred as Mahalaxmi Temple, but it is still amongst the most revered temples of Panaji city. But apart from its religious sacredness, another fine reason for visiting this temple is that from atop of this temple you get an amazing panoramic view of the famous Fontainhas area. The view is absolutely stunning and is surely worth capturing in your camera. And also lush greenery surrounding this temple will surely calm and spiritually uplift you. Overall, this is another religious destination of Panaji that is really worth visiting.

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