Basilica of Bom Jesus Church

While there are many beautiful churches all across Goa, but when it comes to religious sanctity of a church, then Basilica of Bom Jesus Church located in old Goa - some 10 kms away from east of Panaji city - assumes more importance than most other churches of Goa. In fact Christians consider this church amongst few sacred churches of the world and hence it draws devoted Christians (including non Christian tourists) not just from India but also from far corners of the world. Even UNESCO has declared this church as World Heritage Site, as a mark of respect and humble tribute to its religious sacredness.


What makes Basilica of Bom Jesus Church so sacred and special?

Well, to begin with this was the first church of India to be declared as ‘Minor Basilica’ by Vatican catholic authority. Even today it is one of the few Minor Basilica churches in entire India. Minor Basilica churches are special type of churches that is dedicated to infant Jesus. In fact the very name Bom Jesus – as this church is called – is used as a reference to infant Jesus.

But, even more important reason for this church’s immense sacredness is that here the remains of famous Saint Francis Xavier are placed and is kept open to public viewing round the year. Saint Francis Xavier played a very pivotal role in 16th century in spreading Christianity across the world and is revered as one of the greatest saints by Christian community. Today his remains are encased in a glass container inside this church and is today unarguably one of the greatest religious attractions of Goa.

Architecture of Basilica of Bom Jesus Church

Another very special thing about this church is that it was constructed in Baroque architecture style. Baroque architecture style thrived in Italy during golden renaissance era and many of the iconic monuments and churches across Europe have been built in this unique architectural style. As for in India, Basilica of Bom Jesus Church near Panaji is by far the best example of Baroque architecture. Although from outside the church looks little ruined and does feel like it needs renovation, but the charm of classic architectural style is still visible. Moreover, the interiors of the church is quite well maintained. Although it is pretty simple, but the entire ambience exudes with peace – offering immense solace to all the visiting devotees and tourists.                             
As for the history of the church is concerned, there are no as such any legendary stories about the construction of this church. Construction of this church is believed to have begun in the year 1594 and completed in the year 1605. 

This iconic church surely deserves to be visited. It may not have the architectural grandeur and beauty, but in terms of religious sanctity it is unarguably one of the important churches of India. Visit this church for paying sheer respect to its religious sanctity and also to relive the charm of classic Baroque architecture style.

Location & address

Address: Old Goa Rd, Near Gandhi Circle, Old Goa, Goa,
403402, India
Phone: 0832 228 5790   
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