Harvalem Waterfall in Goa

Harvalem Waterfalls in Goa

Set in the midst of charming surroundings, the Harvalem waterfall is a largely popular tourist attraction in Goa. The rock cut famous Arvalem caves are located very nearby and there is also a Government-established park from where an amazing view of this waterfall is relished.  Due to its breathtaking landscape, the falls offers a marvelous spectacle with water plummeting headlong from above 50 meters. 

This roaring gush of water cascading down beautifully from a mountain is a must-visit in Goa. Widely called as ’Harvalem Waterfalls’, this is situated at Arvalem, which is about 9km away from Bicholim in North Goa. It is an absolutely spectacular view to see the water pouring down headlong from 70 meters above.

Highlights of Harvalem Falls

Harvalem Waterfalls in Goa

Goa has a rich 'cave heritage' and when you converse with any villager belonging to the villages such as Harvalem, you would get to listen to the legend about the Pandavas Sahadev, Nakul, Arjun, Bhim and Yuddhistir who resided in the Harvalem caves, which are five. You cannot expect rich architectural designs seen regularly in Hindu and Buddhist temples since the Arvalem caves are comparatively rustic and simple in appearance. The importance only lies in the historical and ancient value it presents to the present day traveler and also a true perspective the rich history of Goa and also the cultural alterations it underwent.

The well-known Arvalem caves, belonging to an ancient era, are very close to the Rudreshwar temple to the west and have great archaeological significance. These Arvalem Caves are near Sanquelim, at a distance of about just one mile from the south-east border of Sanquelim. There are many mythical stories attached to the Arvalem caves and some opinions state that the caves were carved by travelling monks of the Buddhist religion. You can notice an inscription in the temple in the second cave which reads ‘Sambalura-vasi Ravih’ in the Sanskrit language and the characters belong to 7th century old Brahmi language.

When you leave the Rudreshwar temple, you can move down the staircase there to have a look at an incredible waterfall dropping its lively silvery showers. This is the beautiful Harvalem waterfall, falling from a height of 70 feet and forming a large lake at its bottom thus offering a temptation for experienced swimmers. Another major attraction of this place is the rock-cut caves that give it a historical touch and are also popular amongst the film-makers.

The falls is best viewed when it is in full flux, immediately after the profuse monsoon and the incessant rains, and at that time it presents a rapturous, riotous and ravishing sight. The falls can be reached by a very short drive of about ten minutes from the Arvalem caves and is worth visiting. After the season of monsoon, the water cascades noisily in the course of the surrounding trees, whereas through winter, this flow is greatly reduced to just a mere trickle. The Arvalem waterfall is at its glorious best right after the monsoon, with eye-catching beauty that exhilarates the tourists.

This waterfall’s color becomes mud brown due to the monsoon and that time, the flow of water is less. This area has blossoming greenery surrounding it with many fruit bearing trees which add to the loveliness of this scenery. This waterfall is among the most swarming tourist places in Goa. The remarkable charisma of this quiet place with its interesting view of the water moving down into the trail of nature, makes the place a perfect location to refresh the soul.

During winter season, this falls is comparatively drier when compared to the period after the monsoon. So, during winter time, you can set out to the waterfall’s bottom where there is a vast lake and where many movie scenes have also been shot. The famous song among them is "Hum bane" from ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ movie. Many people do not know much about this area as it is a less crowded place encircled by jungle and flourishing greenery. However, you must know that there are not much good restaurants near the place so you have to be ready for that.

Since it is quite difficult to go to this spot, it is highly recommended that you use GPS, since there are many small lanes that are easy to be missed out. This huge waterfall contains plenty of scenic beauty but the fresh water supply in this area is rare.

Nearby Tourist Spots

At a little distance from Bicholim, a regional town, and alongside the road starting from the lake Mayem, is the famous Sanquelim village. This place is where the British government settled the Rajput mercenaries (who were called the 'Ranes') during the middle 1700s and also where these mercenaries played their successful revolts during 19th century.

The famous Rudreshwar temple is present in the vicinity of the falls and this temple holds great significance for the Hindu people. Sanquelim is easily accessible by road from Mapusa and takes 2 hours to reach, but you should walk for almost thirty minutes, otherwise take a motorcycle or hire a taxi in order to go out to the falls or the caves.

To Reach here: 

There are plenty of buses can be availed from Panaji and Mapusa to Arvalem. The nearest bus station is KTC at Mapusa to this falls. You can go to Sanquelim village just by catching a short bus ride of two hours from Mapusa. But in order to go to this falls, you should walk for a distance of about thirty minutes.

Thus this wonderful and marvelous Harvalem waterfall falls from a great height of about 70 feet and forms a huge lake at the bottom, and so is a source of temptation for regular swimmers. Another main attraction in this area is the famous rock-cut cave series, giving it an ancient feel and the area is also very renowned among the film-makers. This falls is viewed best during the time of full flux following the bountiful monsoon, and presents a lovely and pleasing sight.
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